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Earring Holders

You'll find it easy to organize and store your post and wire earrings with these adjustable earring holders. Keep your earring pairs together and tangle-free. Use the pegs for your necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry.

  Oak earring holder with clear finish
Oak Earring Holder for Organizing Earrings

Larger, more detailed picture
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Posts and studs, with the backs still attached, drop into slots along top of each horizontal rack (as shown on top row). This makes storing your pierced earrings easy. No need to reach around the back of the unit to attach the post backing to the earring.

Wires and French or fish hook earrings slip into the holes along the bottom of each horizontal rack. 
If you need the room, you can put a pair in each hole. Leverback earrings also fit in the holes.

Adjustable racks will accommodate your own particular mix of long and short pierced earrings.  Horizontal racks can be adjusted easily by slipping the racks into the diagonal cuts in the sides of the frame.

Slanted racks help prevent tangling of any earrings that hang down over the rack below.

Pegs along bottom and at top of sides for necklaces, hoop earrings, or other jewelry and accessories.

You can add earring holders to your shopping cart from this page or from our online order page which lists all our products

Attractive and durable design.  Detailing make this earring holder an attractive piece of woodworking that complements your collection of earrings as well as being useful. Using tongue-and-groove joints (not nails), strong frame construction and secure pegs--we've designed this earring holder to last.
"I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with my earring holder that I purchased from you. I was amazed at how light it was, yet so sturdy. (From the photos and the size, I expected it to weigh a ton and was wondering how I'd anchor it to a wall!) It looks like a piece of art on my wall with the earrings hanging from it, and I would definitely recommend your product highly. I hope to be ordering a necklace holder from you shortly."
--Susan, Hawthorne, New Jersey

Combined with your earrings, makes a great wall decoration.  Many of our customers comment that they really like seeing all their earrings displayed on our earring holders. Several have even emailed us pictures of their earring holders! There are many practical benefits to an earring holder, like being able to see all your earrings at once so you can choose the right pair and keeping them tangle-free. The earring holder is like a picture frame that complements the picture, so we've designed an earring holder that you'll be proud to use to display your earrings.  And, of course, you'll still have the practical benefits even if you hang it in a closet.

"Hi, there! My husband and I recently ordered one of your wall-mounted earring holders (it was a gift for me that I "helped" him pick out) and I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased we are with it! Every time my husband walks past it, he says, "You know, this thing is just so nice!" It's so functional and attractive - we just love it! I also really appreciated the personal service and the quick shipping. Thanks so much - we will definitely keep you all in mind for gift-giving in the future!"
--Kathy, Austin, Texas
Finishes available:  (see our online color samples)

Clear finish:  Minwax Antique Oil
Stained:  Medium brown
Painted: White and semi-flat black

We also have earring holders made from cherry, African mahogany, maple and walnut. All have a clear finish. Cherry and African mahogany are naturally light but darken and turns a richer reddish-brown with exposure to light. The pegs on these holders are ash, stained either to match the rest of the earring holder or stained a darker color.

Pictures of 4-tiers:      Cherry     African Mahogany     Maple     Walnut

Pegs: Each earring holder has pegs along the bottom and one on each side near the top. The pegs are set at a slightly upward angle. They are stained the same color as the earring holder. Pegs stick out about 7/8".

Easy to mount on a wall.  The earring holder mounts using two nails.  Cut-outs along the back slide over the nails, hiding the nails so they do not show from the front. We include nails, but you can easily use another type of nail or screw. Some customers have told us they've used Velcro strips to attach the earring holder to walls where they can't use nails.

"I just had to write and tell you how much I love my earring holder! I never wore earrings much because it was such a hassle to find a set in my earring case. Now I wear earrings all the time, I did not realize how many beautiful earrings I had. Now I can find the right set at a glance. Thank you for making such a wonderful and beautiful way to display my earrings and show off my collection all at the same time!
--Donna, Riegelsville, Pennsylvania

Five sizes/Capacity: See the chart below for the actual dimensions. To help determine the size you need, we've listed the total maximum number of posts and wires that will fit on each size. Capacity is based on using two slots per pair of post earrings and one hole per pair of wires. However, because large earrings will cover up some of the empty holes and slots, the usable capacity varies with the size and type of earrings and averages between one-third to two-thirds of the maximum capacity.

Some advice regarding size/capacity: People rarely exchange earrings holders because the first one was too big. More frequently, our customers come back for a second earring holder once they've filled the first. Several customers have told us that once they started gathering up their earrings, they found they had many more earrings than they remembered. Or that they've continued to buy earrings and the first earring holder is now too small. So, after all these years, the best advice we can give regarding size is that it is probably best to order an earring holder that might seem too big than to order one too small. To determine the size you need, try using the maximum post earring capacity as a guideline. Count the number of post earrings you have and compare that against the maximum capacity stated below in the chart. For example, if you have 40 pairs of post earrings, you'll probably be happier with a 5-tier earring holder that has a maximum post capacity of 47 pairs than with a 4-tier that has a maximum post capacity of 32 pairs.

Note that in late 2009 we slightly changed the number of slots, holes and pegs on our earring holders. The capacities listed below reflect our updated models. The overall dimensions are the same, except for the 7-Tier, which is now one-inch wider.

We usually ship within two days of receiving your order via Priority Mail, United States Postal Service for delivery in 2-3 days. If you have any other special delivery needs, please let us know. We try to accommodate all kinds of special requests.

The shipping prices listed below are for a single unit. If you order more than one holder to be mailed to the same address, the shopping cart will calculate the appropriate cost based on our shipping schedule.

Remember to select the wood/finish you want from the drop down box. See our page of wood/finish samples to see what the various woods/finishes look like.

Update April 2023: We are out of earring racks and necklace holders. We would like to continue making them, but we are not sure if or when we will ever be able to make more. Sorry.
Earring Holders   Capacity     Shipping (single
Model Size Posts Wires Pegs Price
3-Tier Earring Holder
3-Tier Oak Earring Holder
Click on image for larger picture
9-1/2" wide x
11-3/8" high
16 36 9 Oak, Cherry, African Mahogany,
Maple or Walnut - $42

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3-Tier Extra Wide Earring Holder
3-Tier Extra Wide Oak Earring Holder
Click on image for larger picture
16" wide x
11-3/8" high
33 69 13 Oak, Cherry, African Mahogany,
Maple or Walnut - $46

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4-Tier Earring Holder
4-Tier Oak Earring Holder
Click on image for larger picture
11-1/2" wide x
14" high
30 64 10 Oak, Cherry, African Mahogany,
Honduras Mahogany, Maple or Walnut - $48

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5-Tier Earring Holder
5-Tier Oak Earring Holder
Click on image for larger picture
13" wide x
16-1/2" high
42 90 11 Oak, Cherry, African Mahogany,
Maple or Walnut - $55

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7-Tier Earring Holder
7-Tier Oak Earring Holder
Click on image for larger picture
16" wide x
21-3/4" high
77 161 13 Oak, Cherry, Honduras Mahogany,
Maple or Walnut - $72

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The earring holders are shipped with the racks removed from the frame. When you receive your earring holder, just slip the racks in the vertical slots. You can re-adjust the racks later when the earring holder is on the wall. The holder's sides are designed so the racks are set off from the wall.

Extra racks. If you have a lot of short wire earrings, you may want to purchase an additional rack. However, we recommend that you leave at least one empty slot and preferably two between each horizontal rack so that you will have enough room to easily insert or remove post earrings. Extra racks are $5.00 each. The cost of the rack will not be included in the total when calculating shipping charges.
Extra racks for earring holders
Extra Racks $5.00/each No shipping charge for racks. If ordering just extra racks, they will be mailed via First Class mail.



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  Add earring holders to your shopping cart from this page or from our online order page which lists all our products.  

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